04 MARCH 2020




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The spelling and grammar of the articles are minimally edited in order to preserve the writer’s personality and heritage.










The experiences and stories published in our issue may cause distress and trauma to some of our readers.


Featured in the '11 positive stories from migration charities making a difference during Covid-19' article. 


An article on the ekō project was featured in Platforma


Ekō Magazine: The Spoken Archive, as part of RAAH. Fest


Ekō magazine was founded as a social and political platform for storytelling and creativity. 


It is a means of exercising freedom of expression and bringing together the voices of migrants, refugees, asylum seekers, volunteers and activists within the wider community. 


By facilitating conversation and storytelling, ekō magazine encourages reflection on ideas and assumptions surrounding common social injustices, primarily the so-called ‘refugee crisis’. 


We, at ekō magazine, believe that the opportunity to share stories is beneficial in so far as it gives voice to those who would otherwise go voiceless and it educates those of which only understand a limited portion of the reality of what is happening as a result of those injustices.

Editor in Chief: 

Giulia Ciccolella 


Associate Editor: Ella Fredman


Art Director: Natalie Galvau 


Social Media Director: Katrina Nzegwu

Arabic Translators:

Mohamad Malek Kassas and Rita Butman


Farsi Translators:

Neda Zare, Nougeanne Kumaily, Reyhaneh Abdi




Ekō magazine is published by ekō and supported by Santander Universities and ICCE, Goldsmiths, University of London. Thanks to everyone who made this project possible. 

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04 MARCH 2020

Ekō magazine is a non-profit project and relies on donations to cover the printing costs of each issue. Please help us keep this project alive!

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