We will create a special ekō edition for Refugee Week UK 2021 in collaboration with Counterpoints Arts. 


The theme is “WE CANNOT WALK ALONE” 🤝🧡 


This time we have a competitive selection process, in which each article will be discussed collectively by our team, as there is a limit to the amount of articles that we can publish.


Also, for the first time, our volunteer-led project offers a stipend of £25 to a selected number of artists and writers who aren’t salaried. 


Send us your submission before the 1st of March via the submissions form and read more about our submission guidelines here


The word count for the articles is:

- Art Section: 100-250 words
- Experience Section: 400-500 words
- Legal Terms Section: 400-500 words
- NGO Section: 400-500 words
- Review Section: 100-250 words


For more information on the theme, check out our prompt card as well as the official Refugee Week UK website for inspiration.


Good luck & lots of love, 

the ekō team ❤️

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Ekō magazine is a non-profit project and relies on donations to cover the printing costs of each issue. Please help us keep this project alive!

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